After the show

What a lovely time we had at Quilts in the Garden at Uttoxeter!  The venue was excellent and very suitable for a quilt show, the weather was good throughout and we managed to get set up and packed up very easily and there was plenty of opportunity to catch up with everyone.   Of course there were various items we couldn’t leave behind – more fabric, magazines, markal sticks, stamping supplies – but we’ve both achieved an empty car situation which is, we feel, commendable.  Now all we have to do is gather up worksheets and general supplies and samples for the machine quilting class on Saturday.   Chris feels she might be exempt from this as she entertained and educated 5 under 15s at her house on Monday, introducing them to sewing machines and the delights of making notebook covers.   They all had a great time and finished their covers but Chris was rather shellshocked afterwards, having forgotten just how much witter factor under 15s can generate without trying!  Over on Maggi’s blog ( you can find 2 snazzy slide shows of quilts from the Uttoxeter show – we’re still relatively low-tech here so we’re posting just a few pics of our own –


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