Ragged class

Saturday’s class at The Station in Stone was most certainly different!  There were strong rumours that a major classic steam train would be majestically travelling along the line somewhere around lunchtime – earnest train spotters had gathered and there was quite a good crowd waiting on the platform, all intrigued by the sight of keen quilters hunched over sewing machines.  There’s a  floor to ceiling window facing onto the platform from the room we were using which meant that they could see us and, equally importantly, we could see them!  After several false alarms the station caretaker, Greg, (who, keen readers may remember, is usually accompanied by his trusty companion The Mighty Beast) received a message from further down (or was it up?) the line that the train had been diverted to a different route and all our waiting had been in vain.  Much disappointment, but at least a dozen more people now know about quilters and quilting!!

Another different aspect to Saturday’s class was the inclusion of a brand new, mega-keen, quilter who more than held her own with the rest of the class – what a joy to see a younger generation enjoying fabric and stitching.  The topic was Raggy Cushions and everyone had at least one cushion completed by the end of the day.  

This is the raggy flannel quilt that Irene was given a few years ago – it was this gift that made her determined to start quilting, and what progress she has made since then!   And here are some of the action shots from the day

Meanwhile, in the Station Waiting Room, Chris was busy spreading out quilts and quilt tops – more space here than at home!  Careful shuffling and re-arranging of tables meant that she had a perfect set-up for  putting the binding onto a large quilt –

and careful use of the open floor space meant that she was able to plan, lay out and construct the backing for this –

– this started off in a slightly smaller format as a sample for our Welsh Quilt Top class last year and has grown a couple of borders since.  It may even show up again as a sample for our Grow Your Own Quilt class later this year………………..


2 thoughts on “Ragged class

  1. Enjoyed catching up with your exciting day at Stone Station making raggy cushions. They looked really good. Irene was very busy.

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