Looking for Plan B

We’re trying to marshall our resources but not getting very far – Chris has been struck down by whatever interesting virus is doing the rounds and has been tucked up in bed with a small pharmacy to hand,  Barbara has been basking in the delights of Denman College.  Net result, one cancelled evening class (an all-time first for both of us), missing the AGM of Staffs Patchworkers,  and a work schedule for ChrisandBarbara projects (Plan A) that feels as if it has seriously slipped.  So we need to find a Plan B to take us beyond the next few days of frantic attempts to catch up.  Something like this would usually involve chocolate, coffee, tea and sticky buns but Chris is so unwell she can’t even face the thought of a sticky bun (which is very serious – B).

Barbara was hoping to have time to put together her next set of  fussy-cut shapes but has only managed eight diamonds so far – (feeble excuse of being busy having a good time with magnificent students at Denman)

so half an hour needs to be set aside at some point over the weekend to put the next set together.   It’s just possible that some other fussy-cut pieces will show up in class on Wednesday along with the homework blocks … or the fussy-cut concept will be included in the homework blocks …

So we’re off to recuperate (Chris) and unpack (Barbara) and see what the next few days brings.

2 thoughts on “Looking for Plan B

  1. Sorry to hear that Chris is not well, refusing sticky buns and chocolate is serious. I do hope she feels better soon. Hope you work out a Plan B soon.

  2. Yes, please tell Chris to get better soon, Barbara.
    As Maggi says, to refuse sticky buns and chocolate means serious!!!!!

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