Wading through treacle

There are times when it doesn’t matter how many hours or effort you put into something, you just don’t see any progress or forward movement.  We have always referred to this state of affairs as “wading through treacle” and we have both had our fair share of it over the past week or so.  Chris is working really hard to get class handouts, requirements lists, and samples done in good time for our evening and Saturday classes.  Barbara thinks she’s working really hard at the same things but there has been no tangible or helpful output.   There is however some slight movement on the samples for one of our Saturday classes –

and all the units for another Drunkards Path variation (Sampler Quilt class) have been stitched and decisions need to be taken on the final arrangement

Whilst we were wading through coffee and brownies at our favourite local coffee shop

we remembered that we had said we’d post pics of 4patch sampler blocks from one of last year’s quilt.  Here’s the first batch – Carrie Nation Quilt, Hour Glass, Old Maid’s Puzzle

These are blocks taken from a quilt which began life as demo blocks at Quilts in the Garden at Trentham last year.  Definitely no wading through treacle at that time – the blocks were all together within 3 days and then went off to be quilted by those nice folks at Quilters Trading Post in Whitchurch.   It’s wonderful what some quilted texture can do to disguise indifferent piecing.  All that’s needed now is for the binding to be handstitched down – and a little less treacle on the floor!


2 thoughts on “Wading through treacle

  1. I like those triangles in the top picture. It’s also good to see blocks actually made – they always look different to the printed image. Hope you get out of the treacle soon.

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