Free Pattern

Another block in our Sew-Along Sampler has been posted on our website, This time its Old Maid’s Puzzle – lots of half-square triangles for you to play with. We sometimes wonder whether anyone out there is making any sampler blocks, or quilts from the patterns. Or are you just saving them for a rainy day? Which is what we find ourselves doing with all sorts of patterns, designs and other interesting things we come across, but somehow the promised ‘rainy day’ never arrives. Months later (years, even!) one or other of us finds a folder (that organised?! – Chris) when tidying and remembers, vaguely, meaning to make it when the right fabric was found, or ‘after these classes have finished’ and yet, here it is, still unused. Hey ho. Did you hear the old saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? We have however been making virtual quilts on Electric Quilt using the blocks from the Sew-Along. Here are a couple of Old Maid’s Puzzles – you will find some others on our EQ Doodles page.

Old  Maid's Puzzle quilt

Old Maid's Puzzle quilt

We’d love to see photos of any blocks or quilts you’ve made from these patterns. A sampler quilt with these blocks in does exist somewhere in Barbara’s quilt cupboard, when she finds it we’ll post a photo!


2 thoughts on “Free Pattern

  1. I have printed off a copy of the Carrie Nation quilt block fully intending to create a quilt top soon (a measure of time yet to be clearly defined).

    I’ll keep you posted!

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