Found – totally fabulous hexagons – a must-see

Following on from the vintage fabrics and hexagons we came across some completely luscious hexagon pieces on this blog

you’ll need to look for the February 1st post and scroll down the page but it really will be well worth it! 

First night of the new Sampler Quilt class went really well and we were so wrapped up in what was going on that we quite forgot to take pictures – must rectify that next week!  Everyone seemed to have a good time and the homework we’ve set is to make one block chosen from the 4patch patterns we’ve given them.  Here are our class samples as a reminder –



2 thoughts on “Found – totally fabulous hexagons – a must-see

  1. Hi Barbara,

    That link doesn’t seem to work. I’ve googled it and I can’t find it either (Dragon Fly quilts / quilting seems to be a very popular name).

    We missed you last night!

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