Sampler class starts today

We’re both doing that well-known teaching activity – filling boxes and packing  cars!  It’s the first class of our Sampler Quilt series tonight and it will probably take what feels like hours to get everything assembled and ready to go.  The venue at Stone Station is great, with a very helpful caretaker who will set out tables and chairs for us, and the parking is easy and level.  But there’s so much stuff!  The sewing machines, the display boards, the demonstration things, the handouts, the books and magazines to browse, the fabric basket, the big refreshments bag, the irons and ironing boards – by the time all this has been collected and packed into the cars, unpacked and set out, packed up and back to the car, then out of the car and back indoors we feel like we’ve done an intensive workout at the gym! 

Here are a few more of Chris’s Sampler blocks that will be on the demonstration table tonight –


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