Fabulous fabrics

With all our focus this week on the Basically Bags class there has been a certain amount of foraging through our stashes for samples.   Barbara’s trawl reminded her that she has yet to do anything with this glorious Liberty fabric –

which was a birthday gift from her daughter.   Barbara suspects that said daughter is quite anxious to receive some of the fabric back, in an altered state, for example a book cover or a laptop case.  The stash trawl later turned up two Oakshott fabrics which seem to work really well with it, so another little heap has been left out on the worktable to be dealt with next week.

Earlier this month Barbara was given a colourful scarf length of Indian printed cotton – more than enough to turn the mind to sunnier, warmer days, and possibly some quilting/stitching designs …

In the general rummaging that has been going on Barbara was also reminded that she has never got around to doing anything with this delightful small vintage piece of patchwork –

the intention was to re-make it using reproduction fabrics and perhaps produce a pattern – who knows, this may yet happen! (and pigs might fly! – Chris)  The fabrics in this piece are limited in number but are quite delightful in themselves

And, as for more up-to-date fabrics, we are thrilled to see that Quilters Trading Post in Whitchurch have their new website up and running – www.quilterstradingpost.com – well done Emma!

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