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New year, new term and classes start in a week. Is it that soon?? So – the irons have been rescued from their holiday home in the cupboard under the stairs and given a good clean and the extension leads have been gathered back from all the places they’d wandered to. Which is when I realised the certificates were on the verge of expiry – all the electrical stuff – irons, sewing machines, extension leads – needs to be PAT tested and the PAT tester (he tells me) is off skiing on Tuesday for a week. We are assured all will be well and the testing doesn’t take long and can be fitted in before Monday evening. In the meantime the ironing boards have been dusted down and given new covers as well – they’re a bit big (and bright), but I’m sure they’ll be ok.

Trentham Gardens in the snow
bright new covers
irons ready for testing

I’ve been and bought Vilene so the Blue Peters for the small bag have been completed ready for next Saturday. The worksheet is passing back and forth through the ether courtesy of e-mail while we refine and edit it before printing out all the copies we’ll need. We’ve worked out how to draw the patterns so they fit on A4 for ease of photocopying. With luck we’ll both be at Tittensor bright and ready for action next Saturday morning!
Then there’s only the evening classes to complete the planning and worksheets for, and the Saturday February classes in both Tittensor and Stone … and there’s the Trentham Quilt Show stand to organise (and let’s hope it doesn’t snow this year) … and … !

2 thoughts on “Preparations”

  1. Busy time for you both. At least the snow has gone in time for Saturday. Just to be sure, I went out and bought a new car which has All Wheel Drive. should get in in time for Saturday hopefully – is that dedication or what?!

    1. That truly is dedication – will you be taking up a collection during the lunchbreak?! We may have a whole new advertising slogan from this – “classes worth buying a new car for” – !!

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