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Dithering with Chris

Too much to do and can’t decide what to tackle first. I ought to make some more sampler blocks – especially the Lone Star one – but couldn’t get the fabric choice quite right, then cut it out with the wrong measurements so it doesn’t fit together. Bother. Obviously not in the right mood for cutting and piecing.

block beginnings

Perhaps a little quilting? There are innumerable tops awaiting a little tlc, a border or two maybe, some wadding, backing and stitching. But which one to tackle first? And have I got enough backing fabric? I did have, long ago when I first finished the top … but where did I put it? Or have I forgotten and used it in something else? And even if I do get round to tacking it all together – what design do I stitch? And have I got the right thread? And enough of it?

awaiting quilting

I have made a lot of samples of the small bag for the bag workshop on Jan 23rd. Did those last month – last year, even! But have forgotten to do Blue Peters necessary for class. I’ve found some more fabric and wadding – good start. But, no Vilene. A trip to the shops is required, but the car is covered in snow and its cold out there – isn’t it?! Maybe I’ll just light the fire and find my library book – its nearly due back so I need to finish it, don’t I?

sample small bags for class

And so another day of dither and delay and procrastination unfolds … !

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