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Stitching time

We’ve drunk the coffee, eaten the brownies and written things in notebooks so the displacement activity is over and now it’s time to get on with the stitching.  We’ve also been browsing and visiting lots of other blogs which has resulted in both of us feeling supremely lazy and unproductive – there are lots of seriously busy stitchers out there who produce tremendous work (but you knew that anyway).  Tomorrow could be a day for making a few more bags ready for the next class.   Here are the first mini-bags that Barbara made based on an original pattern from Quilters Trading Post in Whitchurch

These are very quick and easy to make and are the perfect size for all sorts of things – you may think from this picture that Barbara uses hers to store rotary cutters in, and you’d be right, but  there’s another of these bags on her desk and it’s a very handy size for discreetly storing essential chocolate supplies ….

Then we have the Reversible Runners class to make some more samples for – this was a very popular class the first time around and we’re adding in a couple of different possibilities so this year’s class won’t be a straight repeat.  Sharon Pederson’s book is our starting point, although we have vague memories of the technique somewhere back in the 1980s – again it’s quick and a great introduction to the whole process of quilt-as-you-go.

And that’s enough stitching to keep us occupied until at least lunchtime!  Then we come to those Sampler Quilt samples – Barbara has got this far with one of the applique blocks, all she needs is a little time and a good light (and possibly chocolate).

So if the next load of snow does arrive in Staffordshire you can be sure that we will be well occupied.

2 thoughts on “Stitching time”

  1. Can’t wait for the bags, they look great. I remember reversible quilts from the 80s too although can’t remember in what context. Wonder if the snow has reached Staffs yet. It’s been going non-stop here all day an d shows no sign of stopping. At this rate I shall be skiing to Tittensor!

  2. In ‘sunny’ Trentham its been very half-hearted snow – I went out to take a photo or two only to find that it had melted off the trees and bushes already. I suspect there’s been more elsewhere, Trentham always seems to manage to avoid the worst of it (so far!)

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