Filling in (quilt show) forms

Virtue is our middle name!   We’ve both managed to fill out (and mail) our entry forms for the Quilts in the Garden show at Trentham in April – so we’ll have clear consciences with regard to supporting our local quilt show.  We’ve mustered a grand total of 6 quilts, 3 each, and it has to be said that they are being entered strictly to support the show rather than to display our skills.  Whoever  first coined the timeless phrase “Finished is better than perfect” is most definitely our sort of quilter!  Closing date for entry forms (if anyone needs a gentle reminder) is the end of this month and forms can be downloaded from .

Barbara is busy rummaging and sorting through her magazine mountain – it’s a fit of tidying that happens every year at this time and results in many smaller mountains of magazines being put into a box to take to class and recycle. Once upon a time it was possible to subscribe to (nearly) all the quilting magazines – there were about 8 titles – but now the list is almost endless. Here are the main ones we both see on a regular basis – thanks to the excellent service from The Contented Cat (

So now we know where some of that elusive and precious stitching time went last year – just a little too much browsing and reading ………


2 thoughts on “Filling in (quilt show) forms

  1. You are good getting your forms in early. First I was, then I wasn’t, now I might. I really must make a decision soon! Your magazines look wonderful, nothing like being able to curl up with one. I don’t like the digital subscriptions that some are offering these days.

    • Please do find a piece of your lovely work that you could enter for Trentham – it only took us several weeks to gather up the necessary courage, having told lots of students that we should all support our local show! I’ll save some magazines for you as a reward!

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