Happy New Year – more snow!

Well, we were almost ready for the big freeze but it’s beginning to lose the novelty now. The January Fabric Sale at Nantwich (23 January) Civic Hall is only just around the corner – we need to get there, and so do lots of other folks!

We’ve got as far as posting some new EQ doodles for the New Year so do check out the page.   You’ll find some of the “old” doodles on our Flickr site (see sidebar under “Class Pics”) and we may even get around to producing a few instructions – it’s amazing what New Year resolutions can lead to!

We (belatedly) wish you lots of good things for 2010.


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year – more snow!

  1. Hope you manage to get to the sales. I do agree that the novelty has definitely worn off and there is more coming down as I type. Hope it has gone by 23rd for Basically Bags.

    • No more snow yet – we await the forecast downfall for Sunday. We will double the chocolate biscuit ration for Basically Bags to help with energy levels!

  2. At least the snow has kept me in, and, AT LAST, I have finished a king-size quilt using the jelly roll squares from last May (?)!!!!!
    New Year resolution is to use my time wisely and
    try to finish more patchwork.

    However, I do not think I will machine quilt another King-size quilt!!! My arms are killing me!!

    • Well done! what an achievement to start the year with! We’d love to see pictures and/or the real thing. Your gold star is in the mail!

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