Finishing off Christmas

We’re meeting for coffee on Wednesday to compare notes and recover from all things Christmas.  Very little activity of any sort, let alone sewing, so we’ll have to start the New Year very positively!  Barbara’s idea of a really good January 1st is to spend the whole day in a comfortable chair near the fire with some hand sewing or quilting – not sure that will happen.  Chris is hoping to get into her still-quite-tidy sewing room and shut the door for a couple of hours and see what project comes to the fore – not sure that will happen either, but we’re going to try.

For those of you who follow our EQ Doodle page, there are a few new ones posted – we may, as one of our New Year resolutions, start to include yardages and cutting and piecing directions for one or two of the doodles.  Let us know if you think this is a good idea.    Here’s the EQ applique block that features this time –

These are just very basic colourings, not even venturing into the wonderful Stash feature of the program, just enough to show how easy it is to make changes and what a difference background choice can have.  There are so many blocks to choose from, and then there’s the draw-it-yourself option – so many things, so little time! 



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