Christmas wish list

There are lots of Christmas wish lists everywhere you look (wonder if it is anything to do with the time of year?).  And, if they’re not wish-lists, then they’re what-you-should-wish-for lists.  Entering into the festive spirit of the season we thought we’d see what would be on our quilting wish lists –

Chris would like even more workspace with LOTS of cupboards and shelves so that she could fit in a flatbed table for her regular sewing machine as well as a mid- or longarm quilting machine setup.  She would  also like to have a couple of extra sewing hours in each day to enjoy these wished-for arrangements.   A year’s supply of rotary cutter blades would be needed to keep pace with all the fabric cutting, some new rulers to replace the old faithfuls that have developed interesting nicks…. 

Barbara feels she could use at least two extra sewing hours each day, more space etc etc, a year’s supply of self-installing machine needles, another 3x18in ruler, a new office chair and lots of books from the V&A Museum shop.  With all this in place there would be a possibility that some of the ufos/wips would get finished – or is there something we don’t yet know about that could be put on the wish list that would automatically finish up projects for us?

Wonder what you would choose?



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