Quilts in the Garden

The conversation over coffee yesterday turned to the topic of quilt shows and the reluctance of lots of folks to enter their work into the larger commercial (and judged) shows.  

We are really lucky here in Staffordshire – we’re within comfortable travelling distance of Quilts UK and the Autumn Quilt Fair at Malvern, the Great Northern Quilt Show at Harrogate, the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham and now we have Quilts in the Garden at Trentham and the Quilters one day Sale at Nantwich.  The Trentham show is outrageously close for both of us and we’ll be taking our usual demonstration space again in 2010.  But, quilt shows need quilts,  so we’re going to be doing some “persuading” of students (and, of course, ourselves!)  to enter their quilts for Quilts in the Garden (closing date 31 January 2010 ladies) so that we can support our local show in an appropriate way. 

Quilt shows are about far more than the winners and retail therapy.  Of course, winning quilts are inspirational and to be admired and aspired to, but more often than not it’s the non-winning quilts that are thought-provoking and of great interest to the viewing public – different colour and pattern combinations, different skill levels, different reasons for making, but all combining to provide a feast for the eyes and food for thought.  So, although we’re not going to do anything rash like make New Year’s Resolutions, we are going to be campaigning in 2010 for more of us to enter shows, local or national … we’d love to hear your opinions!

And here are a couple of tops from our Grow Your Own Quilt class earlier this year – wonder if these might be hanging at Trentham in April??

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