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Work in progress – ?

Chris has been busy making bags – it’s almost turned into a bag-a-thon!  Several enjoyable visits to our nearest quilt shop, Pollyanna Patchwork, have already been required and there will doubtless be a few more before the class in January.  The requirements list for this class should be available on our website in the next few days, or as soon as Barbara gets down to writing up her part of it.

Some progress from both of us on the blocks for the Sampler Quilt class – in amongst all the general pre-Christmas stuff that we all get sucked into – and we’d actually prefer for all the Christmas stuff to go away and just sew our way through the next few weeks…

2 thoughts on “Work in progress – ?”

  1. Hi there

    Firstly, I love the snow – how cool is that?

    Secondly, I’m afraid your link to pollyanna requires hyphenation and relocation to this side of the pond 🙂

    Christmas crafting is going decidedly pear shaped here but I’m determined to complete my fast quilt from fat quarters in the next two weeks.

    B x

    1. Thanks for your usual efficient heads-up! The Pollyanna Patchwork link should now be fixed for both the website and blog. Have obviously spent too much time making sampler blocks! B

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