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Life gets in the way

Whew!  Can’t believe that it’s so close to you-know-what.  This happens every year, start off with good intentions which are still in place by September/October and then somehow it all goes pear-shaped.  Our evening classes are finished for this year and our last Saturday class is done, we’re working on the Sampler evening classes and STILL trying to find enough hours in the day!  Barbara’s excuse (which is wearing a little thin by now) is that she’s had a 10 day break with her friends in Cairo

and is just back from teaching a residential weekend at Alston Hall near Preston.  Chris meanwhile has been forging ahead with a Grand Plan for our Basically Bags class early next year and has made lots of samples.  We also need to get going on a book project – more news of this soon – which we have to deliver by the end of  April.

So now we should both get down to making all those delightful handmade Christmas presents that we thought we would give to our nearest and dearest this year….  another rush job, rather than the leisurely sewing we’d anticipated.  

Barbara cut up her Wonky Nine Patch samples from an earlier class (see below)  and has now found some yummy Oliver Twists threads from ZigZags in Newport to go with them – some notebook covers may be the result.

Also starting on other handpiecing projects ahead of the Sampler class –

not forgetting machine piecing blocks

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