Double Delight class

No interesting issues with our venue this time, thank goodness, so it was business as usual with no interruptions.  Chris demonstrated how to construct multiple halfsquare triangle units using strips and zigzag diagonals and Barbara “helped” by not stitching a perfect 1/4inch from the marked lines…  We had chosen pairs of blocks, 9patch and 4patch, that used exactly the same units but in a different arrangement.  This is Chris’s sample for the first pair of blocks –

project one

Jennie’s four blocks looked stunning –

Jennie's blocks

Ann whipped six blocks together in no time at all –

Ann's blocks

and Irene was most definitely “in the pink” –

Irene's block

Emma’s blocks from the second pairing went together quickly –

Emma's blocks

Some lovely stormy blues showed up in Ruth’s blocks –

Ruth's block

And at least one festive colourway in the room, this one is from Bev –

Bev's block

And, of course, the end-of-day happy class pic –

end of the day


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