The stash and the cupboard

Just returned from one of our high level committee meetings – the ones where we sit and drink coffee and munch calorie-laden buns whilst making plans for future classes and general quilting activities.    It strikes us as faintly ridiculous that we have to plan class dates so far ahead but we have to play by the rules – and venue rules say we have to book well in advance.  So we’re now trying to put together our dates for 2011 – aagh!

After all this forward-looking conversation Barbara thought it would be a good idea to take some pics to show what the “now” looks like in parts of her sewing room.   Just to prove that some of us don’t have a monster amount of fabric here’s the total fabric she currently owns –  7 modest-sized rollunder crates and 2 open baskets – that’s absolutely it.  And half of that will probably never get used because it was first acquired more than five years ago and it’s now out of style or out of favour.

the stash

rest of the stash

And, revealed for the first time, here’s a quick peek into Barbara’s cupboard where she keeps the vintage quilts, Tentmaker pieces and some of her own quilts – as you can see, it’s getting rather full so there are mutterings about “clearing out” and “de-cluttering” and “rationalising”.  So far there has been no progression beyond the muttering stage but something may have to give in 2010.

front of the cupboard

Have a great weekend!


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