Sorting things out

Well, it must be Monday!  We’ve each managed to unpack all the class stuff from Saturday and now it’s time to move on to the next items on the list.  First of all, the blog info –

As you may have noticed we’re tinkering with the Electric Quilt Doodles page and trying to work out how we want it to look.  We’re not there yet, but please continue to check out the page as we make the changes and updates fairly frequently.

Also we’re intending to include links and a blogroll at some point.  Let us know if we should include a link to your blog/website.

We’re going to get through this week despite the chaos.  Chris is nurturing thoughts of blitzing her sewing room – if only she can find the courage to make a start.  Pics of her progress may show up here along with some of the ufo projects that are sure to be unearthed.   Barbara is deep in domestic mayhem with a new kitchen to be fitted before the end of November – it seemed such a good idea at the time, but reality is beginning to dawn and the prospect of clearing/moving/throwing away 20years accumulated paraphernalia is not particularly enticing.  Pics of this progress will probably not show up here! 

Here’s a picture of a serene autumn sunset to instil some feelings of calm…

autumn sky


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