Stacking and Switching

We’ll have our usual after-class report and pics on the website soon – or when Chris has recovered sufficient breath after coaxing a full class through free-form cutting of gentle curves and also (gulp) piecing not-straight seams. 

The class atmosphere may not have got off to the best start in the world thanks to a strong smell of gas as we came into the village hall.  Thank goodness this was soon sourced and remedied and we were able to get on with our more traditional tea, coffee and biscuits before starting work.  The deep silence and many frowns of concentration as Chris showed the cutting, switching and piecing for the morning project soon changed to the usual happy buzz when everyone faced their fabric and started cutting those gentle curves.  Everyone produced terrific blocks and we’re looking forward to seeing some of them made up into table runners, cushions and maybe even quilts.  No pressure ladies! 

As an alternative Barbara showed a Wonky Nine Patch block which used straight lines and random angles as well as the same switching technique we had used in the morning.  More tea, coffee and biscuits – our consumption of these essential quilting items quite astounded the builder who was re-tiling the kitchen throughout the day, but we were very kind and included him in several rounds of refreshments.

Chris has gone home to stitch up the blocks she cut in her demo. and Barbara has decided to chop all her demo. blocks up into quarters and do some further switching around before putting them back together again – isn’t quilting wonderful!


Sue's Japanese fabrics

Jenny's block

  Anthea's Jelly Roll quilt

happy class


4 thoughts on “Stacking and Switching

  1. What a fantastic day. My (one) beautiful block is sat on the chair next to the sewing machine waiting for me to go back and finish the others. My current stack of 4 – yes FOUR unfinished children’s quilts have finally taken priority though. Fingers crossed I manage one show & tell at SPQ in 2009!

  2. I agree, a good day! Lying in bed during the early hours of Monday, it suddenly dawned on me what I was doing wrong with the ‘S’ curve seam. I didn’t take the margins into consideration.

    Will try to do remaining blocks better!!!

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