Cut and glue fun

Much fun and merriment at our Wednesday evening class as everyone played their way through the basics of fusible web and fabric and cutting things up.  Thanks to the activities of the double-bookings gremlin Barbara spent the evening giving a talk to Connecting Threads group in Elstree, Herts so Chris did a solo turn keeping excited quilters under control.  We’re looking forward to seeing what creations are brought back to class when we meet in a couple of weeks time. 


flowers etc

confetti trees

Now we really must get those samples finished up for Saturday!  Back to the sewing machine….


2 thoughts on “Cut and glue fun

  1. I really enjoyed the ‘glue fun’ on Wednesday night and, at last, some of the ‘mystique’ has been explained (and hopefully retained in my little brain). Now to get to putting it into practice!!!!


  2. Couldn’t believe it was so easy, why didn’t I start years ago? Especially the confetti… which is now all over front seat of my car, because I tipped bits loose into my bag… but it was worth it!

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